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Reviews The Augusta North Houston Apartments Houston, TX

The Augusta North Houston Apartments Reviews

Check out what our residents are saying about The Augusta North Houston Apartments located in Houston, TX! To learn more about how you can be a resident here, email us at [email protected] or call today at 281-524-4670, we will be happy to assist.

"My apartment is BEAUTIFULLLLLLLL! Best I’ve seen yet! The parking situation is a little weird, but I will adjust! Thank you Miss. Amaiyah for helping me from start to finish! ✨"

Daj L.
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"This is by far the best community to live in by this Area, management team are friendly and they went above and beyond answering all my questions. Thanks so much :)
Also maintenance team specially Simon is doing a great job. Whenever I had service requests or needed to know anything about the complex or my room he was very quick to help me out."

Karla L.
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"This is the best apartments in this area. I was moving from Katy, so I worried about the location. But no worries at all. The maintenance man named Simon is great. No matter what problem you have it will get addressed in a very professional manner. I love my apartments!!"

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"I would just like to say that my wife and I really enjoyed living here at The Augusta apartments. Claudia is a sweet person and a super hard worker. I was super sad when she told me Alicia wouldn’t be at the complex anymore, together they could rule the world! Anyways lol Thanks Alicia and Claudia for making our stay pleasant and Thanks being such beautiful humans."

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"Amazing Job Lady Claudia you are always so positive and polite always at the office when i need to speak with you i even think you work so much. Keep up the Good work exited to stay another year at The Augusta........"

Magaly Z.
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"I honestly really don't like to do reviews but my apartment lady is by far the sweetest and have made my apartment experience really feel like home Thank you Ms. Claudia even when maintenance lack you make everything much better. I recommend The Augusta"

Rosa Z.
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"I honestly love staying at the Augusta north apartments the staff is very polite and respectful towards there tends as well as people that are interested into looking for a place to live on top of that there maintenance crew is outstanding I think one of the guys name is Simon he’s a very helpful person if u call to the office about ur problem he always comes in a hurry to fix wat needs to be done I think it was a couple of days ago I was bringing in a new couch and I was struggling and he came and helped me out once we were done I offered to pay him but he didn’t take it and when I asked him why not he replied “u keep your money sir I just like to help people out when they need help” in previous apartments I lived at the maintenance people were lazy didn’t do anything but these apartments are outstanding 💯💯💯"

Marcus W.
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"I love it here. I just moved here from Michigan and this was the first set of apartments I came across that I felt was perfect for me & my child. It’s safe, clean and anytime I have an issue I just report it and previously its been handled no later than 2 days tops
plus the minor issues that I had originally (which were my fault) turned out even better than it did after it got fixed! I really like the new management here. The manager, Miss. Amiyah has made it such a pleasant experience for me. she’s very polite and poise. Anytime she’s busy, her assistant Miss. Claudia is just as helpful and any messages that I leave with her, she always relay those messages back to Miss. Amiyah. I would honestly recommend The Augusta Apartments to anyone looking for a clean, modern & safe environment. Not only is it a great place to live but they’re also gentrifying the area! There’s a new Caribbean restaurant, an updated gas station that’s now a 7/11 a new car wash and I see more construction all the time... It’s starting to really turn around... I’ve notice a big difference even in the last year and I’m actually looking forward to the outcome in the near future."

Ashley H.
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"LOVE it here Mrs. Claudia is the best! She have been here sine I've been here the apartments are nice quite and very clean 2 year here already."

Browns B.
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"Everytime I come to office Amyiah and Claudia are the best. Quick to solve my problems. They are really nice and professional. Community is clean and quiet compared from other communities i have lived previously. Will recommend to family and friends"

Andrae B.
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